My name Joe, and one of my many hobbies is being an avid reader. I have loved reading since I was a young boy. As a child, I remember begging my mother to take me to the library to get more books. OK it didn’t usually take much “begging” as my mother is also an avid reader and that’s probably where I get it from. My earliest memories of books are reading many Hardy Boys books, Encyclopedia Brown, and “Choose your own adventure” books like Zork.

Often in school, I would hide a novel inside my school book so I could read while I was supposed to be studying. I was caught once in 6th grade and the teacher was just appalled that I was reading Stephen King so she sent me to the principal’s office who promptly called my mother. My mother was furious that they called to complain to her that I was reading book, especially since I was reading at a college level and was still being taught at a 6th grade level. I guess I am just lucky I got caught during English class and not Math!

My love of reading and story never left me, I decided to combine it with my love of computers and the internet and review books that I read or experience through Audiobook. If you want to know more, leave me a comment and ask. Also feel free to request a review!

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