Review: Private by James Patterson

Private (Jack Morgan, #1) My rating: 1 of 5 stars

This is what is set up for a first book in another series by James Patterson. It is (mainly) about Jack Morgan, a private investigator and his multimillion dollar, international investigation firm cleverly named “Private”. The firm has a crack team of specialists, with the tools and resources which makes the CSI “tech” stuff seem like Andy Griffith.

Through the book the firm is working Three main cases, none of which really offer any real challenge and the author (whoever that really is, more on this later) completely fails to build any suspense or mystery around any of the cases. IT felt overall too easy for the team to solve every case. There is not really much more to say about the book itself.

Maybe this is because James Patterson released 8 other books in 2010 (and another six already this year!). Now, if he really is writing all these books, then he is really just blowing through them without much effort and it shows with this book. My personal theory is that Mr. Patterson has found another way to rake in the money with less effort by letting others write books, and charging a fee to put his name on the cover. Maybe he even offers some advice or does some quick edits, but my guess would be not much more than that.

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