Review: Dexter Is Delicious by Jeff Lindsay

Dexter Is Delicious (Dexter, #5)Dexter Is Delicious by Jeff Lindsay

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Don’t get me wrong, I still recommend this book and the Dexter series as a whole is a good series. Let’s just get down to it shall we? The reason I rate this so low is probably because my expectations were set higher by the previous books. The Dexter in this book is NOT the Dexter I have come to love reading about.

In Dexter is Delicious, new Daddy Dexter is faced with horrors far more gruesome than serial killers and Rapists. No, I am not talking about the coven of cannibals either. Far worse, Dexter dearest has to face emotion brought on by the arrival if his daughter and the decision to put his dark past behind him and retire his dark passenger.

The whole book Dexter internally whines and whimpers about his feelings. We don’t get to see Dexter in action save a single scene. The whole book everyone else does all the heavy lifting while Dexter sits around sucking his thumb.

The writing and story telling are still very good but the story still left me frustrated with Dexter. I can read a ton of other “dime-a-dozen” detective novels if I wanna read about an every day guy solving a mystery and saving the day just in the nick of time. The appeal that Dexter had in the previous books has been the cold, calculated, justice dealing killer is gone from this book completely.

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One comment on “Review: Dexter Is Delicious by Jeff Lindsay

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